Research and innovation gender equality focuses on strengthening the co-operation of different sex researchers, the use of the complementarity of their skills leading to high-level scientific research and resultsas well as tackling the gender imbalance in decision-making in research, the composition of research groups and the strengthening of the gender dimension in research programmes and projects in all scientific fields. The EU's support for gender equality in research and innovation is reflected in a series of official texts and is now one of the six priorities of the European Research Area. 

The National Documentation Centre has actively supported the increased participation of women in research since 2007. After extensive inventory of Greek women researchers through  the project 'Mapping Science Area of the Greek Female Research Personnel '""  and participation in European projects GENDERA, SHEMERA, GENDERACTION and GENDERACTIONplus, EKT systematically contributes to the European' She figures' report  with detailed statistics and indicators on women researchers. 

See EKT's publications and the European Commission's 'She Figures'