The National Documentation Centre (EKT), as an agent and national authority of the Hellenic Statistical System (HSS), is committed to the development, production and dissemination of high quality statistics, which serve impartially and equally  the needs of users for policy and decision making, research and debate. The statistics EKT produces apply to Research, Technology, Development. Innovation (RTDI) in general. The National Documentation Centre serves the above objective by following the highest European and international standards for statistical methodologies, organisational procedures and  IT infrastructure, while, strictly observing and implementing  Greek and European legal and institutional frameworks for statistics.

Its goals in this context are:

  • to be a member of the Hellenic Statistical System which will always operate in a manner that reflects the principles of the HSS, and will co-operate and participate in every activity require and organised under the HSS and the European Statistical System (ESS),
  • to guarantee and improve the quality of RTDI statistics produced
  • to generate useful RTDI statistics for research, academic and business communities, public policy, the economy and society 
  • to consolidate and continuously refresh user confidence in the reliability of RTDI statistics,
  • to maintain the confidence of statistical units – academic and research institutions, enterprises and other entities  - which provide their confidential information for the production of RTDI statisitics.