Indicators & Statistics for Research, Technology, Development, Innovation

The production of reliable statistics and indicators for Greek research, development and innovation activities is a key pillar of the National Documentation Center (EKT) and a strategic priority.

EKT as National Authority of the Hellenic Statistical System (ELSS), produces the European Research & Development and Innovation statistics for Greece, conducting large surveys on an annual basis, applying European Statistics Code of Practice and the Greek Statistical Law N 3832 /2010 and following strict methodological frameworks as well as the relevant European Regulations.

EKT also produces national statistics covering important aspects of the science, innovation and digital economy system, responding to the needs of its users. Policy makers are among the main users of EKT statistics. As a mechanism for monitoring public policies, the exercise and evaluation of policies in a neutral, systematic and reliable way is strengthened. 

With significant activity in the production of new ‘experimental’ statistics in areas of high interest, EKT is expanding statistical research in critical areas of its institutional role, collecting new data and producing indicators that monitor the international statistical agenda, applied policies, and support for the design of targeted initiatives.

The National Documentation Center:

  • is an agency and national authority of the Hellenic Statistical System (ELSS), responsible for the production of national statistics for Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) and their transmission to Eurostat, the OECD and other international organisations,
  • co-operates with the Hellenic Statistical Authority, conducting extensive annual surveys to collect primary data, applies Greek and European legal frameworks and the relevant guidelines for the production of statistics,
  • maintains updated databases and registers in its institutional role, analyses and interconnects the big data gathered, and produces reliable indicators for Greek research and innovation activities, 
  • maps the country's highly-skilled human resources, records their areas of specialisation, careers and mobility and highlights the outcomes of their activities,
  • conducts studies and publishes reports that contribute  to a wider and multi-faceted understanding of the national research and innovation system and reflects its comparative positioning internationally, 
  • supports the design and the monitoring of research, development and innovation policies by providing timely, systematic and accurate indicators of relevance and value.


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