The National Information System for Research and Technology is the national research e-infrastructure for content and data. It is developed by EKT, in its institutional role, and operates as a hub for collecting the whole of Greek scientific output. NISRT's infrastructure has a vast wealth of digital files, Greek scientific metadata and data in scientific publications, PhD theses, research results, scientific data, special collections and documents of high scientific and cultural value.

Recognising the need for reliable data and indicators to support decision making, formation of research policy and the monitoring of evidence-based policy, EKT uses advanced information systems, procedures and organisational structures developed as part of NISRT, to present data and establish indicators for Greek research activity:

Scientific Publications

Research & Development

Innovation Statistics

Intelligence Reports

The approach adopted aims to satisfy the following requirements:

  • the collection of reliable data regarding Greek research activity throughout its entire lifecycle, from funding and those involved in the research- organisations and researchers-to the production of research results, scientific publications, monographs, PhD theses etc. The collection of data about further use of results from particular user communities, eg reliable research results from the business community, citations to scientific publications by other scientists, data used by wider social groups etc
  • the integrated processing of data for the production of indicators to establish the position of Greece with respect to the international environment and support for the formation and systematic monitoring of policy on a national, regional and thematic level as well as satisfying the requirements for convergence of the country in the ICT, research, development and innovation sectors.