Bibliometric analysis of Greek publications in international journals is the topic of a series of publications produced by EKT as official national statistics. Reliable data and a number of standard bibliometric indicators record the performance of the Greek scientific community in publications and the impact of their research work internationally.

Bibliometric indicators provide significant information and contribute to a measurable and objective picture of the Research & Development systems. They are commonly used measures of research activity and performance in institutions, research centers, research groups or for individual researchers. Moreover, they provide information about research activity across scientific fields, point to the emergence of new subject areas and map research networks created for the achievement of common scientific goals.

This series of EKT publications include bibliometric analysis and data from the Web of Science and Scopus databases. Each study covers a period of fifteen years. EKT applies a robust methodological approach and validation techniques in bibliometrics. It also developed software tools which enable the processing of data collected and the calculation of bibliometric indicators (data cleaning, processing and normalisation, distribution of publications across scientific fields and subfields, graphic representation).

The indicators are presented with interactive charts, which provide readers with multifaceted specialised information. They give aggregates for Greece and show the position of the country on a Europeean and global level, present the performances of different categories of organisations (Universities, TEI, Research Centres, Hospitals etc) and give data analysis for over 80 Greek organisations systematically producing scientific publications.