The regional ecosystems innovate and transform to generate value and prosperity in the local community.  In this context, the documentation and monitoring of data and indicators on research, development and innovation activity, constitute key elements for regional research and innovation policies. 
The emphasis on evidence-based policies for research and innovation is of particular importance today, as these policies are recognised as key levers for sustainable inclusive growth and  strengthening  employment in the regions, through innovative entrepreneurship, scientific excellence and their interaction.

The National Documentation Centre publishes special reports, analytical data and indicators for 13 Greek regions on:

  • Research & Development activities as reflected in R&D expenditures of organisations in each Region and personnel who contribute to realising those activities,
  • the performance of actors in the Regions in competitive European projects 
  • scientific publications published in international journals per Region 
  • phd theses produced by universities in each Region
  • innovation performance of enterprises in the Regions. 

The National Documentation Centre also provides indicators to support the monitoring of regional Smart Specialisation Strategy.