Realising that the future of industry as a whole is digital, the National Documentation Centre (EKT), as a national authority of the Hellenic Statistical System (HSS), with the responsibility for the production of national statistics for Research, Technology, Development and Innovation (RDI), carried out a study on the Digital Transformation of these enterprises. within the framework of the ‘Innovation in Greek Enterprises 2016-2018 involving a population of 12,213 enterprises with 10 or more persons employed.

This study is the first recording of strategies and practices directly related to the Digital Transformation of Greek Enterprises, 2016-2018. The study explores the role of Digital Transformation in the strategic planning of enterprises as a continuous development strategy and reflects the main sectors of digital transformation for Greek enterprises. In addition, it sets out factors for the adoption of digital methods of organisation of work, as well as the use of digital practices to gain access to new markets or to increase market share.

Publisher: National Documentation Centre

Publication year: 2020

Number of pages: 26

978-618-84984-1-9 (pdf)

ΕΚΤ (2020), Digital Transformation of Greek Enterprises 2016-2018. Athens: National Documentation Centre