EKT collects official statistics on innovation in Greek enterprises and contributes to the understanding of the country's innovation activities and dynamics. Thereby,  providing policy makers with essential tools that allow them to implement evidence-based policies. More than anything, it demonstrates the complexity of the innovation phenomenon. 

The Community Innovation Survey is the official statistical survey on innovation in the countries of the European Union. It is conducted every two years in all the EU member states using a single standard questionnaire and following European legislation, the methodological instructions of the Oslo manual (OECD/Eurostat 2018) and guidelines from Eurostat, to ensure high quality and comparability of indicators across member states.

Innovation statistics provide a comprehensive mapping of the types of innovation entrepreneurs introduce, the activities carried out for their development and the factors associated with innovation. It is based on enterprises with 10 or more employees, in both Industry and Services. 

The indicators which are produced are one of the data sources for the publication of the 'European Innovation Scoreboard' and 'Regional Innovation Scoreboard, producing a total of six indicators. Innovation statistics are also used in other international studies such as the OECD “STI Scoreboard' and the EU  'European  εξαμηνο'. This particular pillar covers statistics on the type of innovation, the enterprise's activities, the introduction of new products  to the enterprise and the market, the role of the public sector in supporting innovation through public contracts, collaborations, strategies and the obstacles met by enterprises during innovation development etc.