The GBARD indicator refers to the direct government funding of R&D, using data from government budgets. According to the Frascati Manual (2015), this type of funder-based approach for reporting R&D involves identifying all the budget items that may support R&D activities and measuring or estimating their R&D content. Advantages of this approach include the ability both to report significantly more timely government R&D funding totals since they are based on budgets and to link these totals to policy considerations through classification by the 14 NABS socioeconomic objectives. The GBARD indicator should be seen as a complement to indicators based on surveys of R&D performers, which are considered to be a more accurate but less timely way of measuring R&D activities.
In Greece, the GBARD indicator  records all appropriations across the Greek government budget, both Ordinary budget and Public Investment Budget, allocated for R&D purposes, not only to public bodies but also all sectors of the national economy such as enterprises, private non-profit institutions etc, and abroad (including European and international organisations). Data are collected through annual direct surveys from all government funding bodies, e.g. Ministries, General Secretariats and Regions.

The GBARD variables are produced annually and include:   

  • Government R&D appropriations in the provisional budget (as approved by the parliament at the beginning of the budget year), broken down into 14 socio-economic objectives NABS.  
  • Government R&D appropriations in the final budget (revised budget approved during the budget year), broken down into 14 socio-economic objectives NABS.  
  • Project funding and institutional funding in the final budget
  • National public funding to transnationally coordinated R&D in the final budget

GBARD is one of the official statistics of EU member states. The National Documentation Center, in accordance with the relevant European Regulations, and in its capacity as the competent authority of the Hellenic Statistical System, annually produces and transmits the GBARD index to Eurostat.