The survey was conducted by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) (http://www.ekt.gr) in collaboration with the Research Unit for Regional Development and Policy (RDPRU) of the University of Macedonia, drawing on the experience of previous EKT surveys and that of the RDPRU in terms of geographical mobility and especially “brain drain”. The population of the survey was drawn from the register of doctorate holders kept at EKT, which includes doctorate holders whose doctoral dissertations were awarded during the period 1985 - 2018 and have been submitted to the National Archive of PhD Theses (N.A.Ph.D).

The survey was designed as a census, so as to become a reference survey, and therefore was address to all the doctorate holders registered in the N.A.Ph.D, in order to capture the scientific, professional and geographical characteristics of Greek doctorate holders. It is important to emphasise this fact as so far research conducted internationally has been conducted on samples and not on the entire population concerned. The survey was conducted with a structured electronic questionnaire, which was sent to 22,350 PhD holders (whose contact details were available) and was completed by 10,295 of them.

The findings of the survey, presented in this publication, together with the detailed data and the detailed analysis that accompanies them, constitute valuable data about the country's highly skilled human resources. This data can be used not only by researchers but also by public administration, government and political parties, who design public policies in a range of fields and topics (education, research, development, tackling brain drain, etc.).

Publisher: National Documentation Centre

Publication year: 2022

Number of pages: 168

ISBN: 978-618-5557-24-9 (pdf)
ISBN: 978-618-5557-21-8 (print)

Labrianidis, L., Sachini, E., Karampekios, N. (2022). Geographical, scientific and professional mobility of Greek doctorate holders, ΕΚΤ, Athens.