The National Documentation Centre (EKT) produces and publishes Research, Development and Innovation statistics in accordance with the following submission dates set out by the European Regulation 995/2012.

a) Provisional cumulative statistics for R&D Expenditure and Personnel annually at the end of October
b) Final cumulative statistics for R&D Expenditure and Personnel annually at the end of June
c) Final analysis of R&D Expenditure and Personnel every odd year at the end of June
d) for Government budget appropriations or outlays for research and development (GBAORD indicators) annually at the end of December.
e) Community Innovation Survey statistics every even year at the end of June

Metadata and Intelligence Reports

The chapter presents metadata for the statistical surveys for Research, Development and Innovation carried out by EKT, as well as intelligence reports on the statistics produced. The reports are compiled and submitted to Eurostat and the OECD using a standardised method and quality indicators so as to be fully aligned with the European Statistical System.

In accordance with European Regulation 995/2012, publication of intelligence reports on R&D statistics occurs in October of every odd year, while the GBAORD indicators for the Community Innovation Survey are published in October of every even year.

R&D and GBAORD metadata are published only if there have been changes in the methodology since the previous year, when the respective statistics are posted.

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