She Figures 2015

She Figures 2015 investigates the level of progress made towards gender equality in research & innovation
(R&I) in Europe. It is the main source of pan-European, comparable statistics on...

Careers and Mobility of Doctorate Holders in Greece

This edition, entitled “Careers and Mobility of Doctorate Holders in Greece - Edition 2015”, highlights one significant element of R&D human capital in Greece – the doctorate holders. It presents data collected by EKT in the framework of the ‘International Survey on Careers of Doctorate Holders –...

Greek Scientific Publications 1998-2012 (Web of Science)

The study “Greek Scientific Publications 1998-2012: Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals – Web of Science” is part of a series of studies undertaken by EKT aimed at recording and analysing the Greek scientific activity in international peer-reviewed...

Greek Scientific Publications 1998-2012 (Scopus)

This study entitled «Greek Scientific Publications 1998-2012, A Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Journals - Scopus» is part of a series of studies regularly published by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) aiming to analyze the Greek scientific activity in international...

The regional dimension of knowledge intensive activities in Greece - Overview 2015

This edition is the first in a series of publications being launched by the National Documentation Centre (EKT), with the aim of capturing the input and...

Research & Development Expenditure and Personnel in Greece in 2013

This publication is a brief presentation of selected indicators compiled from the official statistics on Research & Development (R&D) in Greece for 2013.

An analysis of the state of research and development co-operation between Greece and France

The report presents an analysis of the Research and Development (R&D) cooperation between Greece and France based on data concerning the participation in the 7th Framework Programme, the scientific ‘output’ in terms of publications and the...

RDI Statistics

Through this site EKT collects, compiles and publishes the Official National Statistics and Indicators on Research & Development and Innovation in Greece.



EKT regularly publishes bibliometric indicators that document, measure and monitor the performance and the impact of Greek publications in international scientific journals.



The national infrastructure Current Research Information System (CRIS) is developed by EKT based on an open source software platform. CRIS constitutes the standard means to manage information about Greek Research Activity.


Intelligence reports

The intelligence reports and studies that EKT publishes present analyses of the many significant aspects of Greek research activity and its outcomes. The Intelligence reports for the7th Framework Programme highlight the participation of Greek organisations in the specific programme.

Interactive Maps

With the aim of highlighting the regional extent of Greek scientific and research activity, EKT presents data and indicators for each Greek region in interactive maps.