The intelligence reports and studies which EKT publishes present analyses based on indicators for the various aspects of Greek research activity and its outcomes.

They provide answers to specific questions associated with the performanc of Greek researchers and identify areas of excellence at national, regional and subject level.

They use a specific methodology and software applications which EKT develops for the processing of vast amounts of data accumulated as digital scientific content on the NISRT (National Information System for Research and Technology) einfrastructure. The data are collected and documented as part of EKT's wider responsibility as National Contact Point for European research programmes, participants and co-ordinator of the Greek hub for the European entrepreneurship and innovation network Enterprise Europe Network, database for the European information service CORDIS, etc).

The aim of the studies are:

  • to use the data, primary and empirical, which is collected by EKT through its extensive activities designed to support Greek research with services and infrastructure
  • to adopt and construct composite indicators which capture the basic and particular characteristics of the Greek research system so as to allow comparison with other European countries with respect to international applied practices.
  • to create essential figures for available data in order to develop evidence-based policy in Research and Development as well as user exploitation of the Greek indicators.