The development of the national systems infrastructure CRIS


The software platform for the Current Research Information Systems -CRIS, which will be the backbone of the national infrastructure CRIS, is being developed by EKT within the framework of the National Information System for Research and Technology / Social Networks - User Generated Content. The national infrastructure CRIS will incorporate individual systems which operate at academic and research organisations using the aforementioned software platform and the central accumulator which will operate within EKT premises.

The software platform CRIS will be made available through EKT's collaboration with the Hellenic Academic Libraries (HAL) at academic institutions – members of HAL for the development of institutional CRIS systems and related services. The creation of institutional CRIS systems are being carried out horizontally by HAL and vertically by institutions participating in the 'Operational Programme 'Digital Convergence'(NSRF). 

The standard application and co-ordination of the development of the individual services at the Greek academic institutions were the work of the Library and Information Centre of the University of Patras.

At the same time, EKT undertook the development and operation of the national accumulator CRIS which will be supplied with information from individual systems and institutions.

The CRIS platform will be available for use by research performing organisations, such as research centres and public or private health organisations.

The development of the CRIS software platform and the national accumulator CRIS for the Greek academic and scientific organisations is being carried out as part of the National Information System for Research and Technology / Social Networks - User Generated Content project ( which is being implemented by EKT within the 'Operational Programme- Digital Convergence' (NSRF), co-funded by Greece and the EU 'European Union- European Regional Development Fund.

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Aims of CRIS:

The national infrastructures CRIS – individual systems and central accumulator- aim to cover the needs of Greek academic and research communities, for:

  • the collection and organised documenting of research activities in Greece ( projects, researchers, research work, publications, research data, funding programmes, research infrastructures and services, etc)
  • the structured recording and exporting of information and indicators for research activities at an academic and research organisation level, researchers (research reporting)
  • the promotion of research activities of each university institution / research body through autonomous systems available to end users and through dissemination of open data in applications which give added value.
  • the search for specialist researchers / scientists and the presentation of their research activities, such as publications, participation in funded work projects, awards etc
  • the support of long-term preservation and reuse of scientific content in a digital form.


Any organisations or individuals, who are interested in using the platform or have any questions about the software, can communicate with the National Documentation Centre at the: User Support Centre for the platform CRIS.